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Missy Elliott - Under Construction [2LP]

Missy Elliott

"Is it worth it? Let me work itI put my thang down, flip it and reverse itTi esrever dna ti pilf nwod gnaht ym tup i" 'Under Construction' features some of Missy Elliott's biggest hits, including "Work It" which became an instant classic in the hip-hop canon. Her fourth studio album is widely regarded as one of her most iconic and influential works. Released in 2002, the album was primarily produced by Timbaland, with additional production by Craig Brockman, Nisan Stewart, Errol "Poppi" McCalla and Elliott herself. The album's themes explore the construction of self, both personally and artistically, and the evolution of hip-hop culture.


Missy Elliott - Under Construction [2LP]
Missy Elliott - Under Construction [2LP]14 songs
1Intro / Go to the Floor05:23
2Bring the Pain (feat. Method Man)02:59
3Gossip Folks03:48
4Work It04:53
5Back in the Day (feat. Jay-Z)04:56
6Funky Fresh Dressed (feat. Ms. Jade)03:56
8Nothing out There for Me (feat. Beyoncé Knowles)03:05
10Play That Beat03:02
11Ain't That Funny02:48
13Can You Hear Me (feat. TLC)04:23
14Work It (feat. 50 Cent)05:02