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Iron Maiden - Fear Of The Dark

Iron Maiden

This 180gm vinyl LP pressing contains audio from the high resolution remasters of 2015, utilizing the same artwork from the initial vinyl releases. The '90s was a turbulent time for heavy metal bands, yet Iron Maiden managed to achieve superior success with Fear Of The Dark, their 9th studio effort, which featured Bruce Dickinson's last performance until his return in 1999. The album quickly rose to fame, reaching #1 in the U. K. and #12 in the U. S. more


Iron Maiden - Fear Of The Dark
Iron Maiden - Fear Of The Dark12 songs
1Be Quick or Be Dead03:23
2From Here to Eternity03:38
3Afraid to Shoot Strangers06:56
4Fear Is the Key05:34
5Childhood's End04:40
6Wasting Love05:51
7The Fugitive04:53
8Chains of Misery03:37
9The Apparition03:54
10Judas Be My Guide03:08
11Weekend Warrior05:39
12Fear of the Dark07:18