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Hoodoo (180 gram vinyl + CD)

   Artist: Tony Joe White
Label: Yep Roc Records
Orig. Released: Oct 2013
Catalog No.: LPYEP2348
Condition: New
Format: LP (1.5)

Retail Price: $ 15.98 (2 available)
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"New (2013) studio album from swamp rock legend Tony Joe White. Includes digital download card and CD version."
Track Titles

A1. The Gift
(Ricky Ray Rector, Tony Joe White)
A2. Holed Up
(Leann White, Tony Joe White)
A3. Who You Gonna Hoodoo Now?
(Tony Joe White)
A4. 9 Foot Sack
(Tony Joe White)
A5. Alligator, Mississippi
(Carson Whitsett, Leann White, Tony Joe White)

B1. The Flood
(Tony Joe White)
B2. Storm Comin'
(Tony Joe White)
B3. Gypsy Epilogue
(Leann White, Tony Joe White)
B4. Sweet Tooth
(Tony Joe White)

CD-1. The Gift
CD-2. Holed Up
CD-3. Who You Gonna Hoodoo Now?
CD-4. 9 Foot Sack
CD-5. Alligator, Mississippi
CD-6. The Flood
CD-7. Storm Comin'
CD-8. Gypsy Epilogue
CD-9. Sweet Tooth