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You Can't Get Enough Of That Stuff (180 gram vinyl)

   Artist: Hokum Boys
Label: Yazoo
Orig. Released:
Catalog No.: LPYAZO1051
Condition: Sealed-Reissue
Format: LP (1.3)

Retail Price: $ 12.98 (2 available)
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w/ original Harry Crumb cover.
Track Titles
You Can't Get Enough Of That Stuff
Gambler's Blues
Put Your Mind On It
Went To His Head
We Don't Sell It Here No More
I Was Afraid Of That Part 1
Let Me Have It

Hokum Blues
Pat-A-Foot Blues
Only The Blues
Selling That Stuff
Ain't Goin' That Way
It's All Gone Now
I Was Afraid Of That Part 2


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