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Time Machine (Best of Direct Drive & First Light's 12"s)

   Artist: Direct Drive & First Light
Label: Whatmusic
Orig. Released:
Catalog No.: LPWHAT3
Condition: Sealed-Reissue
Format: LP

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Description presents Time Machine, the ground-breaking 1981-83 British Jazz Funk Oval 12"s from Direct Drive & First Light featuring Paul Hardcastle. Time Machine showcases Derek Green's soulful vocals with Direct Drive (Hardcastle/Mick Ward/Pete Quinton/Bob Williams/Bones) & First Light, with Hardcastle on all instruments. * Paul Hardcastle's 1st Recordings! * CD includes 4 rare bonus tracks! * Features 'A.M.', 'Don't Depend on Me' & an unreleased full length 'Time Machine'! * Liner Notes by Charlie Gillett (Oval Records) * Digitally Remastered from original master tapes
Track Titles
01 Time Machine 5:46
02 Don't Depend On Me 4:26
03 I'm The One 3:54
04 Time's Running Out 4:59
05 Horse With No Name 6:16
06 A.M. 5:52
07 Don't Be Mistaken 7:19
08 She's A Mystery 3:57
09 I Don't Care 4:30
10 Time Machine (1982) 6:22
11 Take A Stand 3:45


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