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Halleli N' Dakarou (2 LPs)

   Artist: Guelewar
Label: Teranga Beat (Senegal)
Orig. Released: 2011
Catalog No.: LPTBLP014
Condition: Sealed-Reissue
Format: LP (2.5)

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Live at the Canari Club de Kaolack in Senegal in 1982.
Track Titles

A1. Yaye Ramoutoulaye 8:19
A2. Balla Jigi 7:10
A3. Tara 6:04

B1. Sanehmentereng 6:03
B2. Ouvaryea 6:43
B3. Halleli N'Dakarou N'Diaye 7:28

C1. Cilss 9:12
C2. President Jawara-Abdou Diouf 8:56

D1. Cheddo 8:43
D2. Werr Tullali Barr 8:12

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