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Blind Joe Death (Limited edition)

   Artist: John Fahey
Label: Takoma
Orig. Released: 1959
Catalog No.: LPTAK1002
Condition: Sealed-Reissue
Format: LP

Retail Price: $ 16.98 (1 available)
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This is a reissue of the original 1959 record. The only difference is that this has a longer version of Trancendental Waterfall than the one on the original 1959 release. Limited edition of 3,000.

"Using money he earned pumping gas, he made his first recording in 1959 and had 95 copies of it pressed; one side of the plain white sleeve read 'John Fahey' and the other, 'Blind Joe Death,' an invented blues singer about whom Mr. Fahey devised an entire mythology. That started his career at Takoma Records, his own label, which he ran until the mid-1970's, when he sold it to Chrysalis." -from: "A 60's Original With a New Life on the Fringe", Ben Ratliff, New York Times, January 19, 1997.
Track Titles
Selections by BLIND JOE DEATH
1. West Coast Blues (Blind Blake)
2. St. Louis Blues (W. C. Handy)
3. I'm a Poor Boy a Long ways from Home
(Barbecue Bob)
4. Uncloudy Day (Traditional Spiritual)
5. John Henry (Traditional)
6. In Christ There is no East or West
(Episcopal Church Hymn)

Selections by JOHN FAHEY
1. The Transcendental Waterfall (John Fahey)
2. Desperate Man Blues (Arranged by John Fahey)
3. Sun Gonna Shine in my Back Door Some Day
Blues (John Fahey)
4. Sligo River Blues (John Fahey)
5. On doing an Evil deed Blues (John Fahey)


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