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Typhoon: Portrait Of The Electronic Years ( 2 LPs)

   Artist: Various Artists
Label: Synthonic Records (Italy)
Orig. Released: 2008
Catalog No.: LPSYNTHO2001
Condition: New
Format: LP (2.5)

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Gatefold import. Compiled by Beppe Loda.
Track Titles

A1. Tones On Tail Lions 3:59
A2. Thomas Leer Saving Grace 5:27
A3. MC1 Basic - Beppe Loda RMX 4:36
A4. Polyphonic Size On The Way To Medora 4:26

B1. Duncan Mackay Sirius III Mark II 5:07
B2. Chris & Cosey Driving Blind 6:31
B3. Craig Leon Donkeys Bearing Cups 6:02

C1. Sirius Uranium (B. Loda RMX) 4:41
C2. Crash Course In Science Flying Turns 3:00
C3. Modern English Life In The Gladhouse 5:54
C4. Kevin Harrison Views Of The Rhine 4:10

D1. Egotrya Volcano (B.Loda Elettro Monster Version) 7:00
D2. Ralph Lundsten Discophrenia 7:03
D3. Egotrya Typhoon (B.Loda Version) 5:05