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Good Taste Is Timeless

   Artist: Holy Modal Rounders
Label: Sundazed
Orig. Released: 1971
Catalog No.: LPSUND5253
Condition: Sealed-Reissue
Format: LP (1.3)

Retail Price: $ 15.98 (3 available)
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The seminal Greenwich Village acid-folkies’ twisted Americana collided with mainstream Nashville to produce this 1971 cult classic. Features cover art and songwriting by alt-folk hero Michael Hurley and contributions from original Elvis Presley sidemen Scotty Moore and D.J. Fontana, jazz icon Bob Dorough, beloved vocalist Tracy Nelson and steel guitar legend Pete Drake. Includes the Rounders’ risqué left field hit “Boobs a Lot.”
Track Titles
1. Once A Year
2. Black Bottom
3. Happy Scrapple Daddy Polka
4. Spring Of '65
5. Livin' Off The Land
6. Love Is The Closest Thing
7. Boobs A Lot
8. Melinda
9. Generalonely
10. Alligator Man
11. City Blues
12. The Whole World Oughta Go On A Vacation