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A Whole New Thing

   Artist: Sly and The Family Stone
Label: Sundazed
Orig. Released: 2007
Catalog No.: LPSUND5143
Condition: Sealed-Reissue
Format: LP

Retail Price: $ 19.98 (2 available)
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By the time Sly Stone, former producer/talent scout for Tom Donahue's Autumn records, decided to step out front and form his own band in 1967, he knew exactly what the music business needed: a multi-racial, boy-girl outfit that skillfully blended elements of soul, rock, jazz and funk. Sly & the Family Stone's debut, A Whole New Thing, didn't completely tip Sly's hand, but it got the ball rolling in the right direction by adding fuzzed-up guitar to soulful vocals, a tasty horn section, occasional protest lyrics and just enough Golden State psychedelia to make Sly's groundbreaking work unmistakable. This revolutionary new sound wouldn't fully catch the nation's fancy until the spring of 1968, but it was already perfectly clear that A Whole New Thing was going to be nothing less than what it proclaimed! It was, indeed, the harbinger of a whole new thing!
Track Titles
1. Underdog
2. If This Room Could Talk
3. Run, Run, Run
4. Turn Me Loose
5. Let Me Hear It from You
6. Advice
7. I Cannot Make It
8. Trip to Your Heart
9. I Hate to Love Her
10. Bad Risk
11. That Kind of Person
12. Dog


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