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Reads His Poetry

   Artist: Charles Bukowski
Label: Real Gone Music
Orig. Released: 1972
Catalog No.: LPRGON75
Condition: Sealed-Reissue
Format: LP

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Charles Bukowski "caught live and uncensored at a 1972 S.F. reading. Pressed at Bill Smith Custom Records. Lacquer Cutting by Peter Black at FM Mastering.

This is Charles Bukowski. Well, let me just sit here and drink beer. Thus begins the September 14, 1972 poetry reading from which this 1980 release on John Fahey's Takoma label is drawn. This is quintessential Bukowski, from the rude 'n' crude drawing that adorns the front cover to the belches that punctuate the poems. As for the work itself, it's not really what you'd commonly conceive of as poetry, but rather observations and vignettes drawn from life's darker side, focusing on perversions, poverty, drunkenness, gambling, and bodily functions. But Bukowski's bemused air and self-deprecating humor blunt the shock value of the words and emphasize the universality of the themes. I want you to hate me, he says to the audience, but it's hopeless, he is one of us.

Track Titles
1. Introduction
2. Creation of the Morning Line
3. Death
4. The Sex Fiends
5. "Love", He Said
6. Piss and Shit
7. The Death of an Idiot
8. Style

9. The Worlds Greatest Loser
10. Last Day of the Suicide Kid
11. The Shoe Lace
12. Hot
13. Earthquake
14. The Rat
15. The Best Love Poem


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