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Tiger Bay (180 Gram Vinyl)

   Artist: Saint Etienne
Label: Plain Recordings
Orig. Released: 1994
Catalog No.: LPPLAI180
Condition: Sealed-Reissue
Format: LP (1.3)

Retail Price: $ 16.98 (1 available)
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“Tiger Bay” is the third studio album by Saint Etienne originally released in 1994 and reached number 8 on the British charts. Combining traditional folk melodies with 90s electronica and David Whitaker’s atmospheric orchestration, “Tiger Bay” was an extraordinary step forward from the sample-based ‘indie dance’ of the first two albums. The album includes the singles “Pale Movie” and “Like A Motorway”. "Hug My Soul" was the only single that charted in the U.S. and reached number 40 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club.
Track Titles
Side 1
1. [3:57] Urban Clearway
2. [4:14] Hug My Soul
3. [3:48] Former Lover
4. [5:42] Like A Motorway
5. [4:06] On The Shore
6. [4:34] Marble Lions

Side 2
1. [3:52] Pale Movie
2. [5:47] Cool Kids Of Death
3. [3:11] I Was Born On Christmas Day
4. [3:06] Boy Scouts Of America
5. [4:23] Hug My Soul (Alternate Version)
6. [5:25] Like A Motorway (Alternate Version)