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So Tough (180 Gram Vinyl)

   Artist: Saint Etienne
Label: Plain Recordings
Orig. Released: Nov. 2013
Catalog No.: LPPLAI179
Condition: Sealed-Reissue
Format: LP (1.3)

Retail Price: $ 16.98 (1 available)
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“So Tough” is the second album by Saint Etienne. Released in 1993 it is the highest charting album by the trio reaching #7 in the UK charts. "So Tough" is another eclectic album from the group with samples used (mainly from British films and television) to link the songs together that feature electronic dance grooves, dub influences, a splash of folk music and their own brand of blissed out pop. The album features the classic singles “You're In A Bad Way”, “Avenue” and “Hobart Paving”.
Track Titles
Side A:
1. [4:38] Mario’s Cafe
2. [4:14] Railway Jam
3. [0:19] Date With Spelman
4. [5:12] Calico
5. [7:41] Avenue
6. [2:43] You’re In A Bad Way
7. [0:23] Memo To Pricey

Side B:
1. [5:04] Hobart Paving
2. [4:05] Leafhound
3. [0:14] Clock Milk
4. [4:05] Conchita Martinez
5. [3:56] No Rainbows For Me
6. [0:23] Here Come Clown Feet
7. [5:12] Junk The Morgue
8. [0:20] Chicken Soup