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Working Man's Cafe

   Artist: Ray Davies
Label: New West/Ammal
Orig. Released: 19th February 2008
Catalog No.: LPNWES5010
Condition: New
Format: LP

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"... the second solo album by Ray Davies, formerly lead singer and songwriter of The Kinks. A day (before it's release in the UK), a 10 track promotional copy of the album (minus bonus tracks 'Hymn for a New Age' and 'The Real World') was 'given away' with the Sunday Times newspaper in the UK. This album was released in the USA on New West/Ammal Records on 19th February 2008.
Track Titles
1. Vietnam Cowboys
2. You're Asking Me
3. Working Man's Café
4. Morphine Song
5. In A Moment
6. Peace In Our Time
7. No One Listen
8. Imaginary Man
9. One More Time
10. The Voodoo Walk
11. Hymn For A New Age (bonus track)
12. The Real World (bonus track)