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Wampus Cat

   Artist: Johnny Burnette
Label: Norton Records
Orig. Released: 2004
Catalog No.: LPNORT309
Condition: Sealed-Reissue
Format: LP

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"Rock And Roll Demos Volume 2"
Track Titles

A1. Crazy Legs 1:42
A2. Boom Boom Boom Yippy Yi Ya 1:46
A3. That's The Way I Feel 1:55
A4. Be Mine 1:47
A5. We're Gonna Rock It 2:05
A6. I'm Happy 2:27
A7. It'll Be All Right 1:49
A8. It's Late 1:57
A9. One-Sided Love Affair 2:11

B1. Just Keep On Goin' 2:15
B2. Address Unknown 2:11
B3. Yes I Do 1:53
B4. Lizzie Dee 2:00
B5. My Little Baby Came Rockin' 1:59
B6. Baby Doll 2:04
B7. Just One More Time 1:56
B8. It's You For Me 1:49
B9. Wampus Cat 1:55