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It's Dance Time!

   Artist: King Coleman
Label: Norton Records
Orig. Released: 2003
Catalog No.: LPNORT298
Condition: Sealed-Reissue
Format: LP

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Norton Records compilation.
Track Titles

A1. (Do The) Mashed Potatoes
A2. Loo-Key Doo-Key
(Reese, Coleman)
A3. Bulldog
A4. Black Bottom Blues
A5. Let's Shimmy!
A6. Do The Hully Gully
A7. Alley Rat
A8. Dressed In Plaid
A9. Crazy Feelin'

B1. Down In The Basement
B2. The Mash Potato Man
B3. It's Dance Time
B4. Do The Booga Lou
(Coleman), Lowe)
B5. Get On Board
(Coleman, Lowe)
B6. Boo Boo Song
(Coleman, Lowe)
B7. Hang It Up
(Coleman, Lowe)
B8. Salt & Pepper
(Brown, Dobbs, Douglas)
B9. Show Me What You Got
(Coleman, Lowe)