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Tip Top Daddy

   Artist: Charlie Feathers
Label: Norton Records
Orig. Released: 1995
Catalog No.: LPNORT246
Condition: Sealed-Original
Format: LP

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"Unissued Acoustic Demos 1958-73"
Track Titles

A1. This Lonesome Feeling 2:58
A2. Talkin' 'Bout Lovin' 1:56
A3. Live And Let Live 2:26
A4. Bottle To The Baby 1:00
A5. Have You Ever 2:27
A6. Wide River 2:37
A7. You Believe Everyone But Me #1 1:15
A8. Don't You Worry Little Darlin' 2:15
A9. Yesterday Is That Other Day In Life 1:05
A10. Johnny Come Listen 2:43
A11. Don't Let Me Cross Over 1:34

B1. The Rules Of Love 1:51
B2. Nobody Answered 1:32
B3. Fireball Mail 1:46
B4. You Believe Everyone But Me #2 2:59
B5. Walkin' Alone 1:18
B6. Darlin' Please Wait For Me 1:37
B7. Early In The Morning 3:01
B8. Crazy Heart 1:48
B9. You Believe Everyone But Me #3 0:57
B10. When You Decide 2:02
B11. She Done Gone 2:02
B12. Am I Losing What I Found 1:56