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The Sea Swells A Bit (2 LPs)

   Artist: Aidan Baker
Label: Ici d'Ailleurs
Orig. Released: 02.20.2015
Catalog No.: LPMT03
Condition: New
Format: LP (2.2)

Retail Price: $ 16.98 (2 available)
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"A Canadian musician currently living in Berlin, Aidan Baker was first known as half of the prolific project Nadja, playing alongside Leah Buckareff. LP after LP and collaboration after collaboration (A Storm of Light, Atavist, Year of no Light....), Nadja never ceased to explore the different aspects of ambient, noise and drone music. Also a prolific solo composer, Aidan Baker is well-known by experimental and alternative music fans as much as for his solo albums including prestigious collaborations with notable artists (Tim Hecker, Thisquietarmy, Noveller...) and well respected record labels (Important, Lattitudes, Gizeh...). Today, Mind Travels is very proud to present the first vinyl edition of one of his key records, A Sea Swells a Bit...., first released in 2006. Three long ambient titles that will likely make you shiver and lose your senses. A live version of the eponymous title is also added as a bonus. The artwork, again designed by Francis Meslet (Urbex), intensifies in the most admirable manner the depth of this dizzying music. "A collection with an explicit name, as our aim is make your mind traveling into various orbits, sometimes tortuous, somtimes more mediative, but always unexpected and surprising. The whole artworks of the collection are designed by the French photographer Francis Meslet."
Track Titles
1. The Sea Swells a Bit
2. When Sailors Die
3. Davey Jone's Locker
4. The Sea Swells a Bit (Live)