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Are You In The Mood?

   Artist: Django Reinhardt
Label: Monk Records (Italy)
Orig. Released: 2012-02-03
Catalog No.: LPMOK104
Condition: Sealed-Reissue
Format: LP

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The Hot Club of France was a kind of jazz appreciation society based in Paris in the 1930s and Django Reinhardt and his quintet featuring Stephane Grappelli on violin swiftly became its main attraction. In an era when it was commonly believed that in order to play jazz you had to be African American and from somewhere like New Orleans, Reinhardt managed to single-handedly debunk this myth, and in the process become the first international European jazz star. Although Reinhardt played in the jazz idiom, he did not try to mimic his American counterparts, but developed his own distinct style of playing on an instrument that was not even an accepted jazz solo instrument at the time and with two crippled fingers on his left hand His prewar recordings for HMV and Swing became wildly popular, selling to audiences eager to hear what this new European jazz was all about. These recordings 1936-1937 chronicle a time when Paris was the center of the world - and the legendary night clubs of Montmarte, Pigalle and along the Champs Elysees were filled with jazz - but with the onset of WWII, all this changed and gypsies like Django Reinhardt were systematically being rounded up and sent to the death camps. Vintage 78 rpm style 2-hole jacket for visible colorful label. The image shown is from the inner sleeve, the actual cover is a generic Monk cover.

Track Titles

A1. I'se A Muggin' 3:06
A2. Are You In The Mood 2:49
A3. Oriental Shuffle 2:38
A4. After You're Gone 3:05
A5. Georgia On My Mind 3:13
A6. Shine 2:55
A7. Exactly Like You 2:28
A8. Charleston 2:52

B1. You Are Driving Me Crazy 2:53
B2. Tears 2:37
B3. Hot Lips 3:03
B4. Ain't Misbehavin' 2:53
B5. Body And Soul 3:25
B6. Runnin' Wild 2:53
B7. Chicago 3:24
B8. Liebestraum No 3 3:17