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Groove Club Vol. 1 La Confiserie Magique (2LPs)

   Artist: Various
Label: Lion Productions
Orig. Released:
Catalog No.: LPLION109
Condition: New
Format: LP (2.2)

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Fabrice, 17 years old, is a minet, or to say it better, a mod from one of the posh neighborhoods, the 16th district in Paris and such "golden ghettoes" as Auteuil, Neuilly and Passy. Fab' likes to have his "ronron at the Drugstore", as Dutronc sang it (an untranslatable wordplay on ronron, "cat food", and a minet - "a kitten" - purring). Fabrice attends Henri IV prestigious high-school; his father, a businessman who made a fortune selling plastic flowers, and his mother, a former model from Jacques Fath, are never home --- a cosy home indeed! With his Weston shoes, a slim-fitting suit by Renoma and his haircut modelled on those of Anglo-Saxons musicians appearing on French Eps, Fabrice dreams of Carnaby Street and the Sunset Strip. He is not alone: there's his sister Stéphanie, 16, who wears a fringe, a mock Courrèges dress, a pink Shetland pullover and white boots. Stéphanie reads Salut Les Copains and Mademoiselle Age Tendre, which both fuel her passion for Françoise Hardy, Zouzou, Twiggy and the Beatles. The Groove Club is happy to present twenty-two records that we dug out as a tribute to Fabrice's kinky faves. We imagine those magic years 1966-71 (with two inclusions from 1976 & 77) to have been as you can hear it here -- truly decadent pop-sike, as beautiful as the cathedral of Evry... whether it's the arch-hippie Lolita taking us beyond the limits of pop music, singing songs which make one dream of Anicée Alvina riding her bicycle in a red dress... or whether it's sunny and stunning, or brooding and tinged with sadness. And we sense that, paradoxical as it may seem, although we have imagined a parallel cosmos to the Grande Heures of pop culture, we are not far from the truth. Popisme fantastique!
Track Titles
1. Le Coeur - 'Bye, Bye City'
2. Les Rover - 'Dans Cinquante Ans D'ici (Fifty Years From Now)'
3. Les Hamsters - 'Flower Power'
4. Les Chimériennes - 'Monsieur Cyber'
5. Yar & Yana - 'Je Marche Dans La Ville (I Walk in the City)'

6. Les Hamsters - 'Georgie Girl'
7. Dan le Bouffon - 'A Petit Pas'
8. Christopher Laird - 'Lune De Miel, Lune De Confiture (Moon of Honey, Moon of Jam)'
9. Les Parisiennes - 'Un Rayon De Soleil Est Entré Dans Mon Lit (A Ray Of Sun Is Here In My Bed)'
10. Maraton - 'Dee Duck'
11. Elisa - 'En Stop (Stop)'

12. Genevieve Ferreri - 'L'arc En Ciel (The Rainbow)'
13. Michel Pagliaro - 'Vous (You)'
14. L'empreinte - 'Une Petite Fille'
15. Pax Quartet - 'Lumière Et Paix (Light And Peace)'
16. France - 'Vivre d'Amour Et De Musique (Live In Love And Music)'

17. Cristal - 'Les Yeux Fermés (Eyes Closed)'
18. Epta - 'Bye, Bye Brighton'
19. Bernard Chabert - 'Il Part En Californie (He Moved To California)'
20. Les Rotomagus - 'Nevada'
21. Le Système Crapoutchik - 'La Vie Est Belle (Life Is Beautiful)''
22. Mister Badge - 'Crazy Mister Badge'

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