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Reality (Compilation of first 2 LPs)

   Artist: Reality
Label: Kindred Spirits/Art Yard
Orig. Released: 1972-3
Catalog No.: LPKSAY01B
Condition: Sealed-Reissue
Format: LP

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Reality was formed in 1970 by their former manager Robby Schouten and contained 8 talented musicians from The Netherlands, Curacao and Aruba. They released 2 records: 'Reality - Reality' in 1972 and 'Tony & Reality - Tony & Reality' in 1973 containing killer breaks, funk and soul tunes. This issue is a compilation of the best works. Remastered and part of the Dutch Flowers series! --
Track Titles
1. Acapulco Gold
2. Slipping Into Darkness
3. The Swinger

1. Mack One
2. High Winds