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Great Triangle (2LPs)

   Artist: Cro-Magnon
Label: Jazzy Sport
Orig. Released:
Catalog No.: LPJSPO036037
Condition: New
Format: LP (2)

Retail Price: $ 16.98 (2 available)
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JAZZY SPORT [Japan] import, new but not shrink-wrapped...3-piece dance jam band CRO-MAGNON's 2nd full album, includes 2 tracks from the limited EP "Take Me Higher" and "Riding the Storm", as well as collaborations with artists SOIL & PIMP SESSIONS & TAKASHI NAKAZATO (Jazztonic), and Mika Arisaka (Reggae Disco Rockers)...big reactions already from GILES, BENJI B, CONRAD, more.
Track Titles
1. Great Triangle Intro
2. Riding the Storm
3. Chase after the Shadow

2. Keep me Satisfied
3. La Fusion Side

2. Sign Of Fire
3. Take Me HIgher

1. New Horizon
2. Great Triangle Outro