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Cymande (180 gram vinyl, gatefold)

   Artist: Cymande
Label: Janus
Orig. Released: 1973
Catalog No.: LPJANU3044H
Condition: Sealed-Reissue
Format: LP (1.5)

Retail Price: $ 11.99 (3 available)
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*Unmatched greatness to this day, Cymande's unique blend of Afro-rock, West Indian rasta, American Funk & Soul, transplanted to England in the early 1970's, still carries weight with any DJ worth hearing...sampled by many, many hip hop hits since day one (Bra, Dove, Fug), as crucial as Kool & The Gang, James Brown, Bob James, or Mandrill, and far more overlooked.
Track Titles

A1. Zion I (3:29)
A2. One More (3:06)
A3. Getting It Back (4:16)
A4. Listen (4:37)
A5. Rickshaw (5:50)

B1. Dove (10:50)
B2. Bra (5:00)
B3. The Message (4:19)
B4. Ras Tafarian Folk Song (3:08)