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Barrett (180 gram)

   Artist: Syd Barrett
Label: Harvest
Orig. Released: 1970
Catalog No.: LPHRVT543314
Condition: Sealed-Reissue
Format: LP (1.3)

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(c) 2014 Parlophone Records reissue. Once again the production chores are handled by Pink Floyd mainman Dave Gilmour whilst other musicians like the Floyd's Roger Waters and Rick Wright plus Soft Machine's Robert Wyatt also guested on "Barrett". The album effectively ended Syd's short but sweet career by being released to complete indifference at the time. Also Syd's taste in song titles probably didn't help either with such gems as "Baby Lemonade", "Rats", "Gigolo Aunt" and "Effervescing Elephant" not exactly pandering to the commercial marketplace! However, since it's abject failure first time around, both "Barrett" and "The Madcap Laughs" have since found a much more devoted audience who are ever curious about what led Syd to depart the successful Pink Floyd and venture into the realms of the unknown with his solo material. Well now you can discover Syd's story first hand on 180 gram vinyl as it was originally intended! A cult classic.
Track Titles

A1. Baby Lemonade (12 String Guitar–D. Gilmour)
A2. Love Song
A3. Dominoes (Drums–D. Gilmour)
A4. It Is Obvious (2nd Organ – D. Gilmour)
A5. Rats
A6. Maisie

B1. Gigolo Aunt (2nd Organ – D. Gilmour, Percussion–J. Shirley and Willie)
B2. Waving My Arms In The Air / I Never Lied To You
B3. Wined And Dined (All instruments–D. Gilmour except Lead Guitar)
B4. Wolfpack
B5. Effervescing Elephant (Tuba–Vic Saywell,
Arrangement–D. Gilmour)


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