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   Artist: FLIPPER
Label: 4 Men With Beards
Orig. Released: 2009-05-26
Catalog No.: LPFMN515
Condition: Sealed-Reissue
Format: LP (1.3)

Retail Price: $ 19.98 (1 available)
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2-LP set Public Flipper Limited was originally released in 1986 as a double LP of live material culled from 1980-1985. The sound quality and playing are both a grimy, distorted mess, which suits the band just fine. Always alternating between endearing and abrasive Flipper left no room for the middle ground of like. The album title is a shot at John Lydon and his alleged plagiarism of Flipper's artwork for his own PIL and it proves that Flipper was never opposed to alienating its audience, no matter how sanctified. Harsh, art-rock classics from one of SF's most important post-hippy era bands. 180 gram vinyl with gatefold sleeve.

Track Titles
Side A
1. New Rules No Rules
2. Hard Cold World
3. I'm Fighting
4. The Game's Got A Price

Side B
1. Love Canal
2. Oh-Oh-Ay-Oh
3. We Don't Understand
4. If I Can't Be Drunk

Side C
1. Sex Bomb
2. Brainwash
3. Shine

Side D
1. Southern California
2. Life
3. The Weel
4. Flipper Blues