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Sounding Out the City

   Artist: El Michels Affair
Label: Truth & Soul
Orig. Released: 2008
Catalog No.: LPFLIF44
Condition: Sealed-Reissue
Format: LP

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Truth & Soul in conjunction with Fast Life Records is proud to present "Sounding Out The City" from El Michels Affair, the first full-length LP to come from the exciting world of T&S. This long overdue debut album from the world renowned El Michels Affair is finally available, however explaining the sound of this album will only yield feeble attempts at putting words to this wordless record. Through its Jamaican production aesthetics, lush, cinematic arrangements, and raw, soulful musicianship, "Sounding Out The City" evokes the feeling of a long lost collaboration between Lee "Scratch" Perry, Quincy Jones, and early Kool & The Gang. But beyond all the words and genre generalizations, "Sounding Out The City" is a story expressed through music, a reflection of life in a bustling metropolis--good, bad and indifferent. "Sounding Out The City" is guaranteed to please all diehard crusaders of quality music. In a genre saturated with retro-funk revivalists, El Michels Affair defines the sound that will spur on a new era of classic soul.--Truth & Soul/Fast Track Records One-Sheet
Track Titles
1. Detroit Twice
2. Musings To Myself
3. Too Late To Turn Back
4. El Pueblo Unido
5. Behind The Blue Curtains

1. Ocho Rios
2. Yennicita
3. Creation
4. This Songs For You
5. Slide Show
6. Hung Up On My Baby


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