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A Beacon From Mars

   Artist: The Kaleidoscope
Label: Sundazed
Orig. Released: 1968
Catalog No.: LPEPIC26333
Condition: Sealed-Reissue
Format: LP

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2008 Sundazed LP 5247 reissue of the original '68 Epic release...Their ultra-rare late 1960s psychedelic masterpieces: Kaleidoscope's second record containing an eleven minute live version of Taxim and a twelve-minute live version of the psychedelic A Beacon From Mars. (Both recorded with no overdubbing.) Wielding a battery of exotic instruments that once adorned a thrift-shop front window (bazouki, oud, vina, saz, doumbeg), the Kaleidoscope was every bit as multi-hued and subject-to-change as the telescope full of bright bits of colored glass the band was named after. If there had been a prize for the most eclectic psychedelic outfit, L.A.’s Kaleidoscope would have had it stashed on a shelf—between the hookah pipes and the bowling trophies—in the band’s rehearsal space. Formed by multi-instrumentalists David Lindley and Chris Darrow, with a membership that also included multi-instrumentalist Solomon Feldthouse and multi-instrumentalists Max Buda, Chester Crill and Fenrus Epp (all the same person!) along with drummer John Vidican, this wildly experimental outfit pioneered what would become the world-music genre by darting deftly between rock, folk, blues, Cajun, country, Middle Eastern, good-time ballads and Eastern European styles, with plenty of full-blown psychedelia on the side. It’s an exotically diverse approach, explored to great effect on 1968’s A Beacon from Mars, Kaleidoscope’s second LP (the working title for the album was Bacon from Mars). Just float your head through the buoyant, sprawling, mystical title track; the driving, raga-esque “Taxim”; or the graceful opener, “I Found Out,” which unfolds like the tender petals of a young rose. Beacon from Mars is an album no fan of ’60s West Coast psych can afford to miss! -
Track Titles

A1. I Found Out
A2. Greenwood Sidee
A3. Life Will Pass You By
A4. Taxim
B1. Baldheaded End Of A Broom
B2. Louisiana Man
B3. You Don't Love Me
B4. Beacon From Mars


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