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Midnight To Six

   Artist: The Pretty Things
Label: Norton Records
Orig. Released: 2000
Catalog No.: LPED284
Condition: Sealed-Reissue
Format: LP (1.5)

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Non-LP tracks originally released 1964-1966...2000 Norton Records "gatefold" mono reissue.
Track Titles

A1. Rosalyn
(Farley, Duncan) 2:20
A2. Big Boss Man
(Smith, Dixon) 2:38
A3. Don't Bring Me Down
(Dee) 2:10
A4. We'll Be Together
(Taylor, Stax, May) 2:10
A5. I Can Never Say
(The Pretty Things) 2:36
A6. Get Yourself Home
(The Pretty Things) 2:16

B1. Get A Buzz
(The Pretty Things) 4:01
B2. Sittin' All Alone
(The Pretty Things) 2:47
B3. Midnight To Six Man
(Taylor, Sterling, May) 2:19
B4. A House In The Country
(R. Davies) 3:00
B5. Me Needing You
(Taylor, Sterling, May) 1:58
B6. Come See Me
(Jackson, May, Tubbs) 2:38
B7. £sd
(Taylor, May) 2:26