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Get The Picture?

   Artist: The Pretty Things
Label: Norton Records
Orig. Released: 1965
Catalog No.: LPED283
Condition: Sealed-Reissue
Format: LP (1.5)

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2000 Norton Records "gatefold" reissue.
Track Titles

A1. You Don't Believe Me
(Graham, Page, May, Merrell) 2:23
A2. Buzz The Jerk
(Taylor, May) 1:54
A3. Get The Picture?
(Taylor, May) 1:55
A4. Can't Stand The Pain
(Graham, Taylor, May) 2:41
A5. Rainin' In My Heart
(Moore, West) 2:30
A6. We'll Play House
(Taylor, Gandy, Aldo, May) 2:33

B1. You'll Never Do It Baby
(Smith, Fox) 2:26
B2. I Had A Dream
(R. Charles) 2:58
B3. I Want Your Love
(Tarr, Dee) 2:16
B4. London Town
(Taylor) 2:26
B5. Cry To Me
(Russell) 2:51
B6. Gonna Find Me A Substitute
(I. Turner) 2:57


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