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Troops of Tomorrow (OPAQUE CONCRETE-GREY Colored Vinyl)

   Artist: The Exploited
Label: Drastic Plastic Records
Orig. Released: 11/16/10
Catalog No.: LPDPLA09
Condition: Sealed-Reissue
Format: LP

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"How does a group follow up a celebrated and movement-changing debut record without simply creating a record similar to the first? Easy, if you're The Exploited. You simply move the music forward. Again. After their seminal debut, Punk's Not Dead, The Exploited bring punk rock music closer to what would become speed metal and crossover-music with Troops of Tomorrow. This album is so full of energy and kinetic street-wise anger that the result is nothing short of a masterpiece. Troops of Tomorrow explores ideas about metal by focusing more on complex guitar work and longer songs; however, it's the Oi!/hardcore punk foundation that defines this record's delivery. A tour de force for every fan of punk... though maybe not for the faint of heart". Limited edition of 1000 collectible opaque concrete-grey vinyl copies.
Track Titles

A1 Jimmy Boyle
A2 Daily News
A3 Disorder
A4 Alternative
A6 Rapist
A7 Troops of Tomorrow

B1 UK 82
B2 Sid Vicious Was Innocent
B3 War
B4 They Won't Stop
B5 So Tragic
B6 Germs


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