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War of the Superbikes (Limited Edition TRANSLUCENT CLEAR Colored Vinyl)

   Artist: The Meatmen
Label: Drastic Plastic Records
Orig. Released: 4/6/10
Catalog No.: LPDPLA04
Condition: Sealed-Reissue
Format: LP

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Originally released in 1985, The Meatmen's second album, War of the Superbikes, teamed the shameless and poignantly hysterical Tesco Vee with Minor Threat's legendary guitar duo Brian Baker and Lyle Preslar for one of the great summer albums of all time. The hardcore musicianship is superb, as are the timelessly vulgar lyrics. Long out of print, we have it with the original cover faithfully reproduced as a limited edition of 1000 copies on collectible clear vinyl. In addition to such classics as "Abba God and Me" and "Pillar of Sodom," this release features the beautiful, heart wrenching "Kisses in the Sunset," with Tesco crooning with Latin love "Oh my pet, my pet, your eyes are like two/limpid pools of 10W40/...and your bush, your glorious gravy boat/feels like crushed velour." At perhaps the last time rock was pure, unsullied by corporate motivations, and genuinely fun, this album exploded like a leather-clad stripper in a Catholic monastery. Much like the Beastie Boys' Licensed to Ill, which came around two years later, one can't help but learn, know, and sing all the hilarious lyrics to these incredibly catchy songs all summer long. Limited edition of 1000 copies on collectible clear vinyl.
Track Titles

A1 War Of The Superbikes
A2 Abba God And Me
A3 Pillar Of Sodom
A4 What's This Shit Called Love

B1 Punker-ama
B2 Razamanaz
B3 Kisses In The Sunset
B4 Cadaver Class
B5 Pain Principal


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