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Back to Higher Ground (Limited CLEAR BLUE Colored Vinyl)

   Artist: The Briggs
Label: Drastic Plastic Records
Orig. Released:
Catalog No.: LPDPLA01
Condition: Sealed-Reissue
Format: LP

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"The Briggs play brash American cockney punk anthems that come complete with union-made sing-alongs and ear-splitting riffs. They are the kind of songs that would make Joe Strummer shed a tear of pride and Shane McGowan raise a glass to salute brothers Joey and Jason LaRocca's rollicking sense of spunk and bravado. In their own inimitably slick and sneering ways, the Los Angeles four-piece demonstrates the spirit of punk is alive and well and thriving on the West Coast. With their third full-length, Back to higher Ground, now on vinyl for the first time via Drastic Plastic Records, the Briggs bring angularity to their gut-punching assault. Back to higher Ground is the album that brings the Briggs' jittery punk plod to a more considered place, which underscores the impact of such powerful music. To hear these songs glowing from the deep spiral scratch of honest-to-goodness vinyl --- the true means by which punk should be experienced (other than from the stage) --- only makes each song hit that much harder". Limited edition of 1000 copies on collectible blue vinyl.
Track Titles

A1 Back To Higher Ground
A2 Let Them Know
A3 Song Of Babylon
A4 Common And Unknown
A5 Maritime Tragedies
A6 Everyone's An Actor

B1 Wasting Time
B2 Insane
B3 My Own Enemy
B4 Harder To Stand
B5 Blacklist
B6 Don't Care


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