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Cortijo y su Maquina del Tiempo

   Artist: Cortijo & His Time Machine
Label: Coco Records
Orig. Released: 1974
Catalog No.: LPCOCO108
Condition: Sealed-Reissue
Format: LP

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One of Cortijo's greatest (and most underrated) recordings.
Track Titles
1. CARNAVAL (6:55)
(R. Cortijo-P. Castillo) (Arr: Pepe Castillo)
(Coco Music-BMI)
2. LA VERDAD (5:39)
(Written & Arr. by Pepe Castillo) (Coco Music-BMI)
3. GUMBO (7:42)
(Written & Arr. by E. Miranda & P. Castillo)
(Coco Music-BMI)

1. BAILA Y GOZA (5:09)
(Written & Arr. by Pepe Castillo) (Coco Music-BMI)
2. LA LLUVIA (4:35)
(Jose Nogueras) (Arr.: E. Miranda) (Coco Music-BMI)
3. DE COCO Y ANIS (5:35)
(Pepe Castillo) (Arr.: E. Miranda) (Coco Music-BMI)
(P. Castillo-E. Miranda-L. Velez) (Arr.: E. Miranda)
(Coco Music-BMI)


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