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The Smile Sessions (2 180 Gram Vinyl)

   Artist: The Beach Boys
Label: Capitol
Orig. Released: 2011
Catalog No.: LPCAPI2580
Condition: Sealed-Reissue
Format: LP (2.8)

Retail Price: $ 24.98 (1 available)
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Two 180 gram Lp's in gatefold package. Contains full Smile Album and Sessions. With original booklet.
Track Titles

A1 Our Prayer 1:05
A2 Gee 0:51
A3 Heroes And Villains 4:52
A4 Do You Like Worms? (Roll Plymouth Rock) 3:35
A5 I'm In Great Shape 0:29
A6 Barnyard 0:48
A7 My Old Sunshine (The Old Masterpainter / You Are My Sunshine) 1:55
A8 Cabin Essence 3:30

B1 Wonderful 2:04
B2 Look (Song For Children) 2:31
B3 Child Is Father Of The Man 2:10
B4 Surf's Up 4:12

C1 I Wanna Be Around / Workshop 1:23
C2 Vega-Tables 3:49
C3 Holidays 2:33
C4 Wind Chimes 3:06
C5 The Elements: Fire (Mrs. O'Leary's Cow) 2:35
C6 Love To Say Dada 2:32
C7 Good Vibrations 4:15

D1 You're Welcome (Stereo Mix) 1:08
D2 Vega-Tables (Stereo Mix) 3:49
D3 Wind Chimes (Stereo Mix) 3:06
D4 Cabin Essence (Session Highlights And Stereo Backing Track) 5:17
D5 Surf's Up (Session Excerpt And Stereo Mix) 4:46

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