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The Real Sound Of Chicago & Beyond: Underground Disco & Boogie

   Artist: Mr Peabody & Various
Label: BBE Records
Orig. Released: August 2011
Catalog No.: LPBBE166
Condition: New
Format: LP (2)

Retail Price: $ 18.98 (1 available)
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Underground Disco & Boogie
Track Titles

A1. Hot Pepper - "Cancion Ritual"
A2. Kenny Wells - "What You Left For Love"
(Mr Peabody re-edit)

B1. SpaceArk - "Do What You Can Do"
(Mr Peabody re-edit)
B2. Judy Clayton - "Loves Gonna Find You"
(Mr Peabody re-edit)

C1. Lily Fields - "Lover"
(Mr Peabody re-edit)
C2. Kurtis Scott - "Build" (pt 1 & 2)
(Mr Peabody re-edit)

D1. Total Eclipse - "Disco Boogie"
(Mr Peabody re-edit)
D2. Sun Sect - "She's Hot" (feat Pam)
(Mr Peabody re-edit)