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Tribute to Noro Morales

   Artist: Kako and His After Hours Orchestra
Label: Alegre
Orig. Released: 1965
Catalog No.: LPALEG833
Condition: Sealed-Reissue
Format: LP

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In 1965, Kako organized an 18-piece "after hours orchestra", which was virtually the Alegre All-Stars, for Tributo A Noro, a tribute to his personal friend Noro Morales, who had died the year before. This involved Al Santiago, Charlie Palmieri and Héctor Rivera "kidnapping" musicians after the dances had finished and transporting them to the studio for a session beginning at 5 am. In addition to Kako, Charlie and Héctor, the recording involved Israel "Cachao" Lpez (bass), José "Chombo" Silva (tenor saxophone), Louie Ramírez (vibes), Joe Quijano (bongo), Chivirico (vocals) and Osvaldo "Chi Hua Hua" Martínez (giro/gourd scraper).--
Track Titles
1. MI GUAJIRA - Guajira - 8:50
(Noro Morales)
Canta : Chivirico Davila
2. PERFUME DE GARDENIA - Bolero - 3:24
(Rafael Hernandez)
Canta : Felo y Chivirico
3. DESVELO DE AMOR - Bolero - 3:44
(Rafael Hernandez)

1. MALDITOS CELOS - Bolero - 6:14
(Rafael Hernandez)
Canta : Felo Brito
2. VITAMINA - Descarga - 6:10
(Noro Morales)
3. PONCE - Descarga - 6:14
(Noro Morales)


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