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   Artist: Lars Vegas
Orig. Released: 2002
Catalog No.: CDSCAP009
Condition: New
Format: CD

Retail Price: $ 11.25 (5 available)
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With their third album the seven-piece got to a absurdly comical mixture of Jazz, Rock and Spoken Word performance, that refuses boring modernistic club culture and put one's foot down with virtuosity and musical perfection. (...) Here comes a small band knowing how to spell "Jazz Noise", eating the urban groove of a project like Soul Coughing and answering the question "Does humour belong in music" simply as well as seriously with "Yes". (...) Their best album so far... (Spex magazine)
Track Titles
Wall of beige (3:28)
Run around (3:15)
Instinct (4:11)
What does anybody really know about love? (3:03)
Twisted (3:12)
Hair in the tub water (3:06)
I'm your dentist (3:51)
Next of kin (5:06)
Top drawer (2:13)
I used to dream (5:08)
Pickle barrel (2:55)
Sassy woman (3:01)
Dandelions (4:55)
Hot dog factory (4:01)


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