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   Artist: Lars Vegas
Label: Akers
Orig. Released: 1999
Catalog No.: CDAKER4179
Condition: New
Format: CD

Retail Price: $ 8.99 (6 available)
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* This 2nd CD from Lars Vegas is impressive and gained a lot of attention, e.g. some of the songs were used on the soundtrack of the Miramay film "Next Stop Wonderland" and as background music in several MTV programs. "Take a cool blend of jazz, bossa nova, funk and beatnik swing, add the Jack Kerouc-style phrasing of frontman Tom Stenquist and you have Boston-based Lars Vegas, the perfect picture of 90's lounge-rock."--Chicago Sun Times. "This is music for black-night-of-the-soul cocktail parties. The instrumental sextet behind Stenquist swerves expertly from no-wave dissonance to sublime lounge jazz at the drop of a pineapple garnish."--L.A. Weekly.
Track Titles
Orange Hat
Rusty Axe
Sy Sperling
Hazard Yellow
The Liver
Icy Needles
Pete's Broasted Chicken


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