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   Artist: Lars Vegas
Label: Akers
Orig. Released: 1996
Catalog No.: CDAKER4177
Condition: New
Format: CD

Retail Price: $ 8.99 (7 available)
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* Debut 1996 release, back in stock..."A study in retro-hip, Lars Vegas mixes Gen-X neuroses and rat-pack suavite into a smooth and sinister cocktail."--New York Magazine. "Twisted lounge mood that owes more to Tom Waits than Combustible Edison. In other words, not jumping on the bandwagon, but trying to derail it somewhere in the Nevada desert."--Alternative Press.
Track Titles
90 M.P.H. 3:45
Mannequin 4:06
Love of Jones 3:38
Big Black Birds 1:30
Mosquito Hunter 5:21
The Pain 3:52
Bunnyman 3:28
Like A Flower 5:59
Pig Farmer :30
Junkie Rock Star 3:36
Elevator 4:41
The Falling Duck 1:59
Naughty 3:20


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