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Genesis Deluxe Edition 3-LP Set

   Artist: Wendy & Bonnie
Label: Sundazed
Orig. Released: 1969
Catalog No.: LPSUND5249
Condition: Sealed-Reissue
Format: LP

Retail Price: $ 25.98 (2 available)
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One of the most remarkable unheard albums of 1969, Genesis, the sole release by San Francisco-based sisters Wendy and Bonnie Flower, has emerged as an acclaimed pop-psych touchstone. Brimming with melodic confections and laced with radiant, sisterly harmonies, the set's breezy Brazilian splashes and soft-rock strains convey a sophistication that belies the artists' tender ages (Wendy, 17; Bonnie, 13). Produced for reissue by WFMU's Irwin Chusid (Raymond Scott, Esquivel, the Langley Schools Music Project) with Wendy & Bonnie's full participation, Sundazed's deluxe edition of this lost gem, on double CD and high-definition triple vinyl adds a wealth of early singles, newly discovered demos, and dramatically alternate vocal takes to the original release. A masterpiece of West Coast rock, Genesis will leave any sunshine pop lover positively beaming. -SUNDAZED.COM
Track Titles
1. Let Yourself Go Another Time
2. The Paisley Window Pane
3. I Realized You
4. By The Sea
5. You Keep Hanging Up On My Mind
6. It's What's Really Happening
7. Five O'Clock In The Morning
8. Endless Pathway
9. Children Laughing
10. The Winter Is Cold
11. Let Yourself Go Another Time (instrumental version)*
12. The Paisley Window Pane (alternate version)*
13. I Realized You (alternate mono mix)*
14. It's What's Really Happening (alternate mono mix)*
15. Five O'Clock In The Morning (alternate mono mix)*
16. Endless Pathway (alternate mono mix) *
17. The Winter Is Cold (alternate version)*
18. Children Laughing (demo)*
19. Years (demo)*
20. Popular Phrases (demo)*
21. Eleanor Rigby (demo)*
22 The Winter Is Cold (demo)*
23. The Ice Cream Man Song (demo)
24. December Sun (demo)
25. Wake Up, Sleepy Eyes (demo)*
26. We Can Work It Out (live)*
27. Thinking, Waiting (live)*
28. Cover Our Child (demo)
29. Story Of A Conventional Man (demo)
30. The Paisley Window Pane (live)*
31. The Night Behind Us (Crystal Fountain demo)
32. Sensations (Crystal Fountain demo)*
33. Never To Rest (Crystal Fountain demo)*
34. Children Laughing*
* previously unissued


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