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Rock and Roll King of the Southwest

   Artist: Bobby Fuller
Label: Norton Records
Orig. Released: 2007
Catalog No.: LPNORT325
Condition: Sealed-Reissue
Format: LP

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Norton records compilation of "The Best of the Texas Years 1962-64"
Track Titles

A1. I Fought The Law (Exeter 124)
A2. Shakedown (Exeter 126)
A3. Unreliable Irresistible Girl (Originally unissued)
A4. Summertime Blues (Originally unissued)
A5. Fool Of Love (Exeter 126)
A6. Pamela (Originally unissued)
A7. Only For You (Originally unissued)
A8. Saturday Night (Alternate version)

B1. King Of The Beach (Exeter 122)
B2. Rock House (Originally unissued)
B3. You Made Me Cry (Originally unissued)
B4. Keep On Dancing (Originally unissued)
B5. Nancy Jean (Originally unissued)
B6. Nervous Breakdown (Eastwood no #)
B7. A New Shade Of Blue (Originally unissued)
B8. I Fought The Law (Alternate version)