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Sunshine Love

   Artist: Rikki Ililonga
Label: Sepiso Records
Reissue Label: Now-Again Records
Orig. Released: 1976
Catalog No.: LPNA5072
Condition: Sealed-Reissue
Format: LP

Retail Price: $ 13.98 (3 available)
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"Now-Again presents a re-issue of Sunshine Love, an archival reproduction of Rikki Illilonga's 1976 zamrock classic." "..loose, woozy African spinoff of the Velvet Underground, folk-rock and garage-rock that still didn't stint on the fuzz-tone." -- New York Times
Track Titles

A1. Take It Light
A2. Ulemu
A3. Angel Black
A4. Munzi Wa Kangwanda
A5. Working On The Wrong Thing

B1. Sunshine Love
B2. Lovely Woman
B3. Lock Mice'elf Away
B4. Love Is The Only Way