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Honey-Drippin' Blues

   Artist: Junior Parker
Label: Blue Rock
Orig. Released: 1969
Catalog No.: LPBROC64004
Condition: Sealed-Reissue
Format: LP

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US reissue.
Track Titles

A1. Easy Lovin'
A2. I'm So Satisfied
A3. You Can't Keep A Good Woman Down
A4. You're The One
A5. Reconsider Baby
A6. Lover To Friend
A7. Your Bag Is Bringing Me Down

B1. Ain't Gon' Be No Cutting Aloose
B2. Lovin' Man On Your Hands
B3. Your Love's All Over Me
B4. What A Fool I Was
B5. I Got Money
B6. It Must Be Love