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Help :: FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions

What is this stuff?

We specialize in selling vinyl records that are reissues or repressings of the original album. These reissues are new, unopened and shrink-wrapped, and are described on the site as in "sealed-reissue" condition. We also sell some originals that are described as in "new" condition, but we have tried to label these separately and correctly. We do not sell CD's or used records.

What do the formats mean?

In order of popularity, we sell:
1. LPs or long-playing records. Regular 12" size "albums" with 4-7 songs/side.
2. 12"s or EPs (extended-play records). Same 12" size as LPs, but contain only 2-3 songs/side.
3. 7"s or 45s.

Are these LP's audiophile recordings?

No. Though some of our albums have been remastered from original analog tapes and could be considered audiophile quality, most are not. Unless stated otherwise, it should be assumed that our reissues have been digitally remastered (usually) from a digital audio tape/D.A.T. provided to us by the label.

What does "180g" mean?

It refers to the weight, 180 grams. A normal record weighs approx. 115 grams. The idea is that heavier records are thicker and the grooves are cut deeper and so they sound better. This is debatable, but D.J.'s seem to prefer lighter versions that they can move around. So many of our records come in two versions, 115g and 180g. The 180's are slightly more expensive.

Do you ship overseas?

As of 5/14/07, we are shipping overseas via 6-10 day "International Priority Mail" so that we can track the package through customs. There is a (5) LP minimum order and shipping costs can be calculated at: If you are ordering the (5) LP minimum order, enter in your country and a weight of 4 lbs.

Why isn't my country listed in the pull down Country menu?

We removed any country where we have had numerous problems with bad credit cards and lost packages, sorry. If you have a Paypal account (or would like to send a money order), email your order directly to To estimate shipping costs, go to: Enter in your country and the number of LPs you are ordering * 75% lbs. = weight; and use the "International Priority Mail" rate.

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